27 December 2008

Discount shopping

I took advantage of Spotlight's one-day 20% off sale today to restock my sewing supplies with such standards as fusible webbing, interfacing and thread. Of course, a few extra purchases found their way into my basket, including these two white-and-black fabrics.

I thought that, at $8.99 per metre less 20%, they would be handy additions to my stash. Amazingly, when the barcodes were scanned, the price turned out to be $3.00 less 20%, or $2.40 per metre. Made my day really.


  1. so did you buy three times as much as planned given that it was a third of the proper price?

  2. It is so much fun when that happens. I have had it happen quite often when shopping in the sales at The Warehouse here in New Zealand. Why the goods aren't priced correctly in the first place beats me.

  3. DH and I also partook of the sale. I went for supplies for AQC and he had to load his fabric goodies into a trolley....
    Yes, I scored a few bargains too!


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