26 December 2008


Thankfully, I have made it through another Christmas season (which seems to have started in October, if you believe all the hype perpetrated by the retail industry) without going around screaming "bah, humbug!". For this I am relieved and grateful.

I am also grateful to all of you for reading my blog since it started in 2006, and especially grateful to those of you who leave comments or send me email. It is a much appreciated way you let me know that the tidbits I share with you aren't ending up in a big black hole. May it continue into 2009!

The heat has arrived with a vengeance. Today it was 35 degrees here (sorry to all you northern hemisphere readers who may be snowed in, but can you please send some cool air to my place?) and it looks as if the rest of the week will be similar. To cool down, I am just about to eat a chilled mango, which has to be one of life's great pleasures. See, another thing for which I am grateful!

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  1. it was 'only' 32 here yesterday but hotter on Christmas day - I thought it was supposed to be cooler here in the south !
    Have a happy New Year Erica


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