31 December 2008

I got distracted

I was going to write one of those isn't-it-great-that-there-is-a-new year-starting type of posts, but I got distracted by a handful of back-to-school catalogues in my letter box.

The whole of Australia is on school holidays at present. The new school year starts at the end of January or early February, depending where you live, so there's at least a month's worth of holidays left. But that's not good enough for our retail industry. Oh no, now that the Christmas shopping is over, back to school is the next big thing.

I have to confess I love it. There is nothing more appealing than a stationery catalogue (except maybe an IKEA catalogue). All those pens and pencils to investigate and a multitude of notebooks with interesting covers. Do I like an A4 sized one better than an A3? Or what about a tiny pad with a spiral at the top? Do I like a rigid plastic cover or a paper-covered one? Too many decisions to make, but what a great time I have pondering.

The stock will be in stores later in the week. I know what I will be doing then, carefully considering the options and then buying notebooks I will probably not use. What a great time I'll have and how much pleasure it will give me - and the prices will be great!


  1. I thought I was the only one with stationary addictions! lol
    Bunnings (or any hardware store) and Officeworks are my favourite stores. (Although I haven't yet made it to Ikea, but seeing as I love their catalogue i'm sure it would be up there too)
    How about we both do a post about our January stationary splurges? Maybe even challenge other stationary addicts to do the same?

  2. Hi! Erica,

    I was going to say what Lindi said 'I thought...', I love stationary catalogue, they are not yet out where I live but will be soon, and I will buy more pens, pencils,new gadgets and notebooks I don't need but must have. I am so glad I am not alone in my addiction. If I had a blog I would blog about it shamelessly without guilt or remorse. Happy stationary hunting!

  3. My name is Brenda and I am a stationery addict. (PS: I'm glad that someone else is skipping over the New Year profundities!)

  4. Anonymous10:51 am

    Me too! Stationery addict. One year DH took me to Officeworks for my birthday.
    I no longer have room to buy up big, the unused stationery takes up a bit of room, but at least it is tidy.
    Another area where we are very alike, Erica. Happy New Year!


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