22 December 2008

In the garden

I was shattered this morning to discover that last night the possum ate every single leaf and most of the flowers on my pumpkin vine. If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I am a tad obsessed with this !!%%***!! possum, since it seems to consider that my vegetable garden exists simply for its dinner. I had the plant in a cage while it was small, but the cage was removed two weeks ago so that the vine could spread out. It survived, untouched, until last night. This is war.

One of my successes is shown below. I planted two varieties of
Streptocarpus in a single hanging basket earlier this year and they are both flowering beautifully. The light pink is variety 'Laura', but I can't recall the name of the dark-flowered one. Aren't they gorgeous?

I spent today in the company of creative women, all of whom I met through Material Obsession. Sarah hosted a most wonderful meal at her home and we ate, talked and laughed all afternoon. Thank you Sarah - it was a stimulating day and good for the soul.

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  1. Oh, that sounds like such a nice day! Except for the possum war. In New York right now we have snow, frozen slush and a biting cold wind. I am nice and warm though, due to my possum sweater that I bought in new Zealand a few years ago. So if you catch that little flower-eater, harvest the wool to keep you warm next winter. Enjoy a little sunshine for me.
    Merry Christmas! Karen


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