03 December 2008

Prints Charming

How gorgeous are these fabrics? Designed by my friends Cath and Kirsten at Prints Charming, these fabrics practically jumped off the table and begged me to buy them this morning when I visited their shop. Since I don't like to see fabrics feel unwanted, I obliged by purchasing a piece of each print.

I have been collecting lime green, blue, white and aqua fabrics for a couple of months now. I don't have a firm design worked out for them yet, but I know that when I see them altogether, it will all become clear. The colours remind me of the sea, and since it is now officially summer (and it's well over 30 degrees here today) I know the quilt will cheer me.

While I was in the shop, Kirsten told me about their Market Day on 13 December. If you are in Sydney then, treat yourself and pop into the shop. If you're not in the market for fabric, there are many handmade items for sale as well. Don't forget to say you read about it here!

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  1. Very fresh and summery! I can see why you couldn't resist.


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