23 December 2008


I'm still interested in flower shapes, especially this simple tulip. This week, I've made a few into postcard-sized quilts. This size interests me at present, so I will experiment some more.

Sometimes I have to work an idea out of my system. I seem to have stopped my compulsion to make ATCs, but I am still fascinated by small textile pieces, rather than bed-sized quilts (although I do have a few on the go). I'm happy to see where that leads me.


  1. You too? I'm finding the ATC size a little too restrictive, now. Postcards are OK, but I'm making a few little rectangular wallhangings as gifts - all under 12". Great sizes for experimenting and they look rather great, plus don't take up too much room to display (and don't use up too much stuff if they don't work!)
    Have a great Christmas, Erica! Thanks for sharing so much of your work and life. Good luck with the possum!

  2. ooh, I recognise that little tulip! xx


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