12 January 2009


Here it is - the 12th of January - and my 2008 calendar is still hanging in the studio. It's not that I can't let go of last year, it's just that I can't find the new calendar. No, I can't! It is a very attractive calendar too, but unless I can find it soon January will be over and that's not at all desirable because January is my birth month. (Hint, hint: 17th is the day in case you are planning to send me unsolicited birthday greetings.)

This is the problem with organising things. I file them so cleverly, so beautifully, that they may as well have disappeared. Perhaps I should just let things sit around in piles? (Oops, that is exactly what I do. I organise piles.) The hunt continues...


  1. Erica,

    I so relate to this, organized piles and heaps that's me. Hope you find your calender.

  2. I sympathise. I made 2009 the year of Pile eradictaion but..oops what is that over on our footstool, yup a pile!

  3. Anonymous6:08 pm

    You use the sme filing system I use, so everything is safe from being ditched. It is also safe from wear and tear!
    Judy B


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