05 January 2009


I've been thinking about childhood this week, because that is the theme of the Unique Stitching 2009 Art Quilt Challenge. The challenge is a fun one because this time we are being challenged to create a triptych on that theme. If you'd like to enter, full details are here. Enrolment forms must be received by 14 February, but the quilts are not due until 15 May.

Another reason childhood entered my mind today is that the weather is incredibly hot. Today it reached 38 degrees and tomorrow the forecast says we will go past 40 degrees. When we were children, my sister and I would enjoy the hot weather because it meant icy treats and frolicking under the water sprinkler in the backyard.

Well, the icy treats are still achievable, but we haven't been allowed to use water sprinklers in Sydney for years. Some of the simple pleasures in life have been removed because of the scarcity of that precious resource - water. I'll just have to remember my childhood instead.

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  1. Anonymous8:37 am

    One early morning a few years ago I took a photo of early morning sun through a garden sprinkler. That photo could be a special piece of history.
    Judy B


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