06 January 2009

From 1993

One of the interesting threads I found while re-reading my old copies of Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts magazines is that of computer use in quilt making. In the July 1993 issue, there is an article by Penny McMorris (of Electric Quilt fame) explaining how computers can help quilters.

It is interesting now to think of quilt making without computers, let alone without the internet. Obviously, I wouldn't be blogging about this at all in 1993 - after all, that's 16 years ago. How many of us used the internet for personal reasons then?

This article marked the beginning of a regular series of articles by Penny. I enjoyed reading the ones in my magazines this week and I recall how much I enjoyed them at the time. I have used personal computers for work since 1982 (librarians are early adopters of technology), but I remember that the idea of using one for quilt design was mind boggling then. Articles like Penny's opened my mind to the possibilities.

One more thing: how weird it is now, seeing the picture of an EQ screen (version 1, I assume) on a DOS-based computer monitor. How far has this product come!


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  2. I remember getting my first modem in 1994 and everyone asking me what was the point as I only knew one other person with an email address! At work we did have 'the computer' - one terminal for the whole office to access records - no such thing as windows. The secretaries had word processing systems but again not interfacing and no windows let alone the Internet! I remember buying books online before Amazon was founded!

  3. Anonymous8:45 am

    I remember that article, and thinking that because it didn't involve fabric I would never, ever, do that! Now I call myself the Virtual Quilter, and try not to ever say NEVER.
    Judy B


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