22 January 2009

Fun with colour

I enjoy messing around with dyes and have been planning what I will do during my next dyeing session. I want to do some fabric folding so that some interesting patterns will appear and I want fabrics in the blue-green range.

To this end, I borrowed this book through the library. I love the cooperative nature of libraries, when books held by one library are shared with others. There are so many books published these days that no single library can buy everything.

Ann Johnston is probably known to most quilt makers because of her book The Quilter's Book of Design (which is now available in an expanded 2nd edition). You can see images of some of her work here.

Now I am absorbing some of Ann's ideas about dyeing and taking note of some of her recipes so that I can play with my fabric. I have five metres to dye and I will probably do that in half metre pieces in a couple of weeks. Come back and look for photos then!

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  1. Oh I do like Ann's work, and have her other book, so I expect this book would be great too. Must hunt it down...


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