14 January 2009


I have a fabulous room that I use for my studio. It has two large windows, a design wall and plenty of storage. In it, I have all my sewing equipment and my computer. One day I will take some photos to show you. I am usually very happy pottering around in my studio.

There is one problem - it is upstairs. Upstairs is hot, very hot and I am cranky when I am hot. I can't think straight and I'm sure dripping perspiration on my sewing machine will upset the circuitry. I hate summer in Sydney.

Thank you to Judy for your kind wishes about my knee. I feel like an old lady, hobbling around in the heat and whining.
I hope you will all forgive me for inflicting this on you. Back to focusing on the postive tomorrow (I promise!).

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  1. Come visit. You can potter in my studio (OK Dining room) while I am at work and you can sleep on my sofa bed in the fabric storage room. And you can freeze your butt off getting the design board out of the garage. Its perishing here!


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