27 January 2009


Last week, I discovered a novel that captivated me: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I suppose it could be clasified as a romance, but it's more about the magical things that happen in everyday lives. I often marvel at circumstances that simply cannot be explained away by practical means - that sense of mystery and 'what if' that is part of all our lives.

I loved the idea that everyone has some magic about them - whether it is a knack for growing plants or cutting hair. I guess you could rename these things as skills, but don't you think magic sounds better?

Of course, I immediately wanted to read more by this author. I found her latest book, The Sugar Queen, and have just finished devouring it.

The title sounds twee, the blurb sounds twee, but the essence of the story is not. It's a simple tale that shows the enchanting possibilities of every day.

Sadly for me, these are the only two books Sarah Addison Allen has published yet. I await her next one impatiently. In the meantime, I will reread Garden Spells and revel in the wonder of everyday magic.

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  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    These do sound intriguing reads....are now on "my list. Another good read is Susan Duncan's "The house at Salvation Creek". Susan's first book is a winner too. Light but deep is how I would describe these. They may interest you.

    Pamela P (crafty quilter)


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