04 January 2009

Revisiting the past

Last night I spent a couple of hours re-reading some of my old copies of Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts magazine. Do you remember this quilt magazine from the USA? I have most copies from 1992 to 1996, when the magazine became unavailable in Australia (Did they cease publication then? If you know anything about the publication, please leave a comment. I note that there are issues available on eBAY for very high prices.)

I remember I made a couple of mystery quilts from instructions in those magazines. Both were designed by Judy Hopkins. I progressed to the second-last step of my second mystery quilt when suddenly the magazine was not available. What to do?

Remember, this was in the days before the widespread use of email and the internet. I wrote a letter to Judy Hopkins in Alaska (luckily, her address was in the magazine) and posted it off. How brave I felt, writing to a famous quilter in a foreign country! Some weeks later, Judy kindly wrote back with the instructions for the final part. I was so relieved. I gave that quilt away to a friend many years ago, so I can't even show you the results of my labour.

I am half-way through my pile of magazines now. I have some other interesting stories that have emerged from my revisiting the past and will share them in future posts.

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  1. Anonymous9:00 pm

    I think there are some copies of LCPQ still in boxes out inthe shed. Must get the boxes unpacked and see what is in there! Probably some Quilt, and Stitch and Sew Quilts too.
    Lots of memories and the information in them is still good, though not a lot of colour like we are used to now.
    I parted with some old magazines some time ago, and the modern magazines were snapped up, but most passed over the old dull looking ones without a pause. The ones I have left will be staying with me.


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