18 January 2009

Squares of summer

Hooray! I hear you say. At last a photograph instead of all those words. This pile of 4 1/2-inch squares is the result of a couple of hours of cutting. Doesn't look very substantial, does it, but there are 200 squares here!

Today I made my first loaf of bread in my brand-new bread machine. Even though the dough rose too high and subsequently the top of the loaf did not brown, the bread tastes delicious. It is Barossa Sour Dough Rye and has the most wonderful flavour. I will try again after today's loaf has been eaten.


  1. So what is going to be blue and yellow....

  2. Erica,

    Lovely pile of squares waiting and it takes a while to cut 2 hundred - happy stitching with them. Love the sound of the bread yummy.

  3. Gorgeous colours...yum!


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