20 January 2009

A very full day

Tonight I will sleep soundly. As a matter of fact, I may not even wait until the sun sets. Today I moved things - around downstairs and from upstairs to downstairs.

I've always enjoyed rearranging the furniture in my house. It allows me to see different perspectives as different angles of the room are revealed. But today I took it one step further and carried out the re-thinking of the spaces here.

Act 1 - painted the first coat on a downstairs wall. It was fiddly, because the wall has a door, a window, a light switch and two power outlets.
Act 2 - constructed two IKEA Billy bookcases. Deconstructed two
IKEA Billy bookcases because I'd reversed two pieces. Constructed two IKEA Billy bookcases. (I guess this could be counted as three steps because it took so long, but I'm over it now. They are very nice bookcases.)
Act 3 - painted the second coat of paint on the fiddly wall.
Act 4 - disconnected my computer, printer, modem, scanner and external drive. Kept my fingers crossed that I could reconnect everything.
Act 5 - moved all the equipment downstairs in several trips.
Act 6 - cleared all my sewing equipment onto the table formerly used for the computer.
Act 7 - carried the table formerly used for sewing plus a chair downstairs.
Act 8 - reconnected all the computer equipment.
Act 9 - collapsed on the couch with a cold drink.

Oh, and did I mention it is 38 degrees AGAIN?


  1. Well done, Erica. Phew! So I guess you won't be rising at 3am to watch President Obama's inauguration then?

  2. I've never made a Billy book case yet without it takeing three steps!

  3. It must be a "feature" of Billy bookcases - I put two together a few weeks ago and yes managed to get one of the sides back to front. I think Ikea is getting more cardboard like as the years go on , so it gets a bit tricky on the second time around!

  4. Anonymous6:13 am

    a girl after my own heart, love a day of furniture moving. you should ring me to come and help next time! k

  5. Bloody Ikea, they should supply Valium with all of their self assembly products. And an engineering degree. As you can tell bu this, I have had a similar experience putting the Billy DESK together, especially since I bought two and the kids were hovering around saying, is it done now? Is it done NOW?

  6. Oh Billy book cases. Fun.
    I really like them when they're assembled.
    By the Resident Engineer.
    In my absence.

    They must be the most common bookcase in the world. Mostly because they are such good bookcases.

    So your computer is now in the cool part of the house?


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