17 January 2009

Weather report

Most blogs I've read this week have commented on the local weather in one way or another. Either it has been swelteringly hot (42 degrees here on Thursday) or below freezing and with lots of snow. No blog I've read has commented that the weather is perfectly wonderful.

That's the thing about people. We focus on extremes. Extremely hot, extremely cold. Extremely rich, extremely poor. We don't seem to notice when we are simply paddling along, living our lives.

I've had a wonderful day today. The weather is cooler and I feel rejuvenated. I've eaten yum cha, received birthday greetings, both in person and via cyberspace, and simply felt happy to be here, living my life. Here's to seeing the whole picture and enjoying every moment.


  1. And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Erica!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!

  3. Erica,

    Many happy returns for yesterday! You know I wrte your special day down and then forgot, I hope it was a special day.


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