18 February 2009


I don't machine quilt large quilts. My definition of a large quilt is anything over A4 size, but I am working my way up to machine quilting a cot-sized quilt soon, so stand by. That should be quite an adventure.

Instead, I asked the wonderful Kim Bradley to quilt my Sunshine on Roses quilt. We chose a King Tut variegated thread and the Bubbles pattern. Sunshine on Roses will be published as a project in Down Under Quilts magazine later this year, so I'll show you the completed quilt then.

While I was picking up my quilt this afternoon, Kim showed me a copy of her latest guide to machine quilting - Quilting Designs by Kim Bradley to Stimulate and Inspire. Of course, I had to buy one immediately because it shows, in simple words and diagrams, how to machine quilt. Just what I need! Kim will be selling these at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne next week.


  1. It looks lovely, Erica. Can't wait to see it published.

  2. Hi!Erica,

    Your quilt looks delicious can't wait to see it in Down Under quilts.

    Where can i get a copy of Kim Bradley's book on Machine Quilting I won't be at the quilt show?

  3. I think if you don't try to emulate the great machine quilters who win at Houston and if you play a little bt you will find machine quilting is not scary at all. Start with an overall pattern with no marking and you will find its easy. If you can scribble with a pencil you can free motion quilt. But start with a practice on a small sandwich made from the same weight fabrics as you quilt just to check your tension is right and there are no problems on the back before you launch in.


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