14 February 2009

Crafty women

A couple of days ago, I facilitated a new knitting group at our library. I was terribly anxious that no one would turn up for the session and that I would be stranded there, surrounded by yarn. I shouldn't have worried. Eight women arrived and we had a happy couple of hours, knitting squares for Wrap with Love Inc.

Do you know this group? It is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that co-ordinates handmade knitted wraps for people in need. Our group is knitting squares to be sewn into wraps and we plan to meet once a month. Even I can knit a 10-inch square! (Actually, I've made two in the past week.)

I enjoyed meeting the women who came along to the library. It was so casual and friendly and we chatted easily. There was a range of ages there and we hope to increase our numbers each month. It is really satisfying to know that something so much fun can be so worthwhile. If you'd like to start your own group, you can find details here
, and patterns here.

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  1. So glad it went well! It sounds like ti will be fun - and hey, you get paid for it too!


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