24 February 2009

Fiona's gift

My friend Fiona dropped in this afternoon for a couple of hours. As well as bringing yummy Chinese cakes for afternoon tea, she gave me this wonderful brooch, which she had made for me. The large blue sections are Fiona's felted beads and they are joined together with wire and glass beads. I love it!
Fiona also bought me a copy of her notes for her Curvaceous Squares workshop. I was planning to be a guinea pig for her first run of this workshop last month, but my dodgy knee prevented me going. She's since run the workshop for Queanbeyan Quilters and it was a great success. You can see a photo of the quilt in Fiona's gallery. I'm sure she'd like to run a workshop for your group!

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  1. Erica,

    How lucky are you to have a friend like Fiona; went and looked at the quilts, yummy, thanks for the link, and there is a bit of envy developing over that lovely brooch from Fiona.


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