23 February 2009

It's come to this

After a particularly irritating day, when I kept taking my reading glasses off and then leaving them in different places - always a different place to where I wanted to use them - I have resorted to wearing them on a string around my neck.

That makes it official: I'm an old woman.

Now the string gets tangled in my earrings and I keep swiping at something creepy on the back of my neck. When I lean over to do the washing up, the glasses that had been bouncing on my chest only seconds before, now dangle in the soapy water. It's all down hill from here...


  1. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Erica, If it wasn't so true to life it would be an hilarious post. Been there!
    Judy B

  2. Oh Erica come oooonnnnn!! You can't! I'm much older than you and I haven't and won't... I just have glasses all around the house :-)

  3. Hi! Erica,

    I am sorry but this made me chuckle, I went through all that a long time ago and decide i'd rather lose my glasses than have them dangling, banging into things when i bent over etc. How can you be old I'm 70 and i'm not old in this day and age no one is old. Hope you adjust to wearing them!

  4. ......and when I was sewing I'd swing them around to the back and then lean on them, very uncomfortable, plus I might break them. So I thought I'll get multifocals instead but most of the time I still take them off to find my magnifiers for the small stuffanyway. oh dear just no solutions.

  5. You are not an old woman - it just means you are 40 - you could wear them on your neck, you know, close the legs and tuck them in your collar. As long as they are not $600 reading glasses - Been there? am still there.... don't think it goes away....

    Old is about 80.


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