16 February 2009

More crafty women

Last Saturday, the first class in my Slow Burners series started at Material Obsession. I love small group teaching and it's been a year or so since I had the opportunity to do some more. Slow Burners is a hand piecing class, where we use perspex templates to fussy cut gorgeous fabrics to create blocks.

From the range of blocks on offer, most students opted to make this block, Queen of the May.

It is a glorious traditional block, with plenty of straight lines and some gentle curves. After seeing the fabrics that were being cut, I can't wait to see the combinations in finished blocks at our next session.

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  1. Anonymous10:54 am

    So nice to know people are learning hand piecing. In addition to the pleasures of hand stitching they learn so mauch about how a block is put together, and they can work out how to put any block together.

    Judy B


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