04 February 2009

Online reading

Are you familiar with The Australian magazine, Down Under Quilts? It is Australia's first patchwork and quilting magazine; first published in 1988. I remember how excited I was then, to find a quilting magazine that showed quilts made by Australians and had ads for local shops. It was an enormous thrill.

If you haven't seen
Down Under Quilts in your local shops, you may like to read it online - for free. You will see exactly the same content that is in the print version but you have the advantage of clicking on the hyperlinks to go directly to any websites you see. How cool is that? Anyway, to arrange your free six-month subscription, click here.

If you'd like to read more of my ramblings, turn to page 8 of any issue of
the magazine. Sometimes it's a challenge to write a monthly article, but blogging most days is certainly good practice!


  1. Wow Thank you Erica!!

  2. What a nice surprise to know about the free subscription for 6 months trial. I'm in! Thank you Erica for sharing this info.

    And...congratulations on teaching at Material World. Your "students" are in for a treat.


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