11 February 2009

Our grief

Readers of any Australian blogs will be struck by the outpourings of emotion that are flooding cyberspace. The scale of the Victorian bushfires is so shocking and the impact they have had upon all communities is horrific. I live thousands of kilometres from the fires, but it is still having an impact on everyone in this country, whether they know anyone who has been directly affected or not.

Every day since Saturday, the death toll has risen as more bodies are found. Today, the number confirmed dead is 181. There are still many more to be found. It is being reported today that 1 in 5 is dead in the town of Marysville. Such a huge loss.

If you are reading this overseas, you may not realise that the fires are being fought mostly by volunteers. We have a huge contingent of ordinary people, highly-trained in bushfire-fighting skills, who volunteer their time, energy and, sometimes their lives, to protect their communities. These are the true heroes of Australia.

Money is needed to support the bushfire effort and the survivors. If you are able to contribute anything at all, please visit the Australian Red Cross website where you can make an online donation.

It is difficult for me to worry about the trivial matters of everyday life when more horrors are being revealed each day.
Focus on the good things in your life and hug the people you love. I am now returning to cutting out triangles for my current quilt project and I will treasure every moment.

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  1. Anonymous6:12 am

    I am so sorry for you and the people of your country. These events have saddened me immensely. Please know Australia has my thoughts and prayers.


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