05 March 2009

Art Cloth Challenge

I so love blogs. One click leads to another blog and then another click leads to... Hours can easily disappear as I click around the world. You probably enjoy this too!

Yesterday I found the Art Cloth Challenge blog. This is so interesting and perfectly demonstrates how different people can use their creative skills on identical pieces of cloth. Set up by Jane Dunnewold, the blog displays the results of a challenge set by Jane. As she explains:

"In December of 2007, I issued an invitation to surface designers through the Complex Cloth Internet list. Anyone who was interested in working on a dyed two yard length of silk habotai was to write to me and indicate interest. I put all the names in a hat, and drew out twelve participants' names. I wanted it to be a democratic event."

You can see what 12 artists did to their piece of cloth. Amazingly inspiring!

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  1. Erica,

    Great links i saved them for when i have more time to read rather than skim. I love reading blogs and I'm sure I'd do more quilts if I could tear myself away.


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