02 March 2009

The Fabric of Society

I had the pleasure of browsing through this new book by Annette Gero last week. Annette is Australia's leading quilt historian and she has written extensively on the subject. The Fabric of Society: Australia's Quilt Heritage from Convict Times to 1960 shows an amazingly detailed collection of Australian quilts.
There are 130 quilts shown in the book and the quality of the volume is stunning. As if that isn't enough, there are patterns to recreate 29 of the quilts, written by Kim McLean, whose attention to detail is outstanding.
It is an expensive book, but well worth the money. You can order a copy here.


  1. Hi Erica,
    This book looks wonderful! It's not listed (yet?) on Amazon.com in the US. Thanks for letting us know about it.
    We are having a blizzard in New York at the moment. It is pretty, although now that it's March we have had enough snow already!

  2. I am just going to have to have this book!!
    Thank you...it looks wonderful.

  3. I did get this book, well, sort of - got DD to buy it and she is bringing it to me in May. Says it is as big as a quilt and weights as much as well. No problem as I see it - she will have room to take her winter coat back to Oz.


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