04 March 2009

If you are in Sydney

come and say hi to me at CraftFest on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It's a new general craft show at The Dome in Sydney Showgrounds at Homebush. I'll be working for Cecile on her wonderful Unique Stitching stand.

Every time I see Cecile, she has new products to tempt me. Arty things like dyes, paints, all sorts of interesting silk products, paint sticks, films and fibres - oh the list goes on! I always take the opportunity to top up my dye supplies - this time I will be looking very closely at the sea green colours.

Do you ever find a colour calls out to you and you simply have to make something in that colour? At the moment it is blue and green for me - all bright and all variations. I have to get it out of my system somehow!

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  1. Erica,

    I've never seen this site before but now it is saved to my favourites I cant resist a new online shop. I am totally committed to blue green combinations and sea greens I just drool over.


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