14 March 2009


IF I had any sense, I would have taken my camera to the Slow Burners class this morning.

IF I had taken my camera, I could have taken photos of the fantastic hand-pieced blocks that everyone had made since last month's class.

IF I had taken the photos, I could have shared them with you here.

IF I had shared them here, you would have been inspired to start your own blocks.

But I didn't so you'll just have to believe me when I say that the blocks were sensational! Trust me, I'm a quilter.

If Trish, Deidre, Lyn or Kate are reading this and would like to email me some photos, please do! The link to my email is in the right-hand sidebar.


  1. Sounds like a good title for a song...."If a picture paints a thousand words etc....."

  2. If - yes I have lots of ifs too. Patience is a virtue (I am told) so perhaps at the next month's meeting we can see photo's of these delightful blocks. You have us intrigued!


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