24 March 2009

New magazine inspiration

Sometimes I need to thoroughly examine a new magazine before deciding to purchase it. Today was not such an instance. As soon as I saw the stunning cover of a brand new magazine, Australian Aboriginal Art, I picked it up, flicked through it and bought it immediately.

It is a substantial magazine (nearly 200 pages), printed on quality paper. The images are stunning and the colour is brilliant. I haven't managed to read the articles yet - I can't stop gazing at the wonderful photographs. This magazine is truly a fantastic sourcebook of inspiration and it will take me a lengthy time to absorb all that it contains. What a Tuesday treat.


  1. Thanks for the tip off, Erica. I have just checked out the site and looked at the visuals of the first issue. It looks as good as you say! I'm taking the chance of it being as good all year and subscribing for the 12 months.

  2. I agree - I stumbled across the mag in London last week and had to have it. Sadly the postage on the subscription makes it prohibitive over hear but the stand price is fine - I am not likely to find it locally so was pleased to note that when the next two come out I shall be in London and for the one after...oh yeah, Sydney!! :)

  3. I wish I had read your post BEFORE I was in Sydney. I don't think I will find this on the newsstand at Copacabana...

  4. I bought it at Borders on the weekend and have been flicking for days - I'm waiting for a good solid hour or so with a cup of tea to savour it. Maybe while the boys are at the footy - 'carn the Swannies!!


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