25 March 2009

This is a big week

because it is the start of the AFL football season! My team, the Sydney Swans, plays its first game next Saturday night in Melbourne. That means I'll be watching it here in Sydney on the television. For the next six months, I'll be having my weekly fix of footy and I am rearing to go!

Last year, I made this journal quilt to illustrate a year in my life.

You can see it is divided into three sections. The top and bottom sections are rows of placid blue fabrics, stitched in horizontal lines. These represent the first and last three months of the year - the non-footy season, when life is generally more calm for me. The centre section of red-and-white strips (the colours of my team) is quilted in huge zigzags, to represent the highs and lows of the footy season.
I can't stress how cathartic it is to scream my head off at the footy. I'm counting the days...


  1. Hurray for you Erica, I wondered when it would start up again... Go the Swannies!
    PS... I think I've seen that quilt somewhere before :-)

  2. Hi, I am not sure how I got to this blog but I am finding it interesting It is now just past the first match, my team lost too. I can really relate to your quilt, I have just been telling people that life has just begun again.


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