10 March 2009

Tuesday snapshot

This week, I am:

Reading - Portobello by Ruth Rendell. I am half way through it and it's still not gripping me, but will persevere.

Eating - the last of the summer's yellow peaches. Yum.

Welcoming - Sarah Fielke, formerly of Material Obsession, back to blogland. Read her new blog here.

Excited about - the possibility of going to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK in August. Details are currently being worked out.

Watching - Lost in Austen on ABC1. Witty, intriguing and funny television viewing. Eagerly waiting for part 2 next Sunday night.

Busy - writing instructions for my Roses on Sunshine quilt. Oh, and must sew the binding, too!

Harvesting - lovely homegrown frilly-edged lettuce. Nothing like fresh from the garden food.

Pondering - about what to make for the Unique Stitching 2009 Art Quilt Challenge. The theme is childhood. Mmmm...

Sewing - on my brand-new SewEzi sewing table. Ah, bliss.

So what's your week like?

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