12 March 2009

Tulis batiks

Love these batiks! I bought them from Tulis Textiles last weekend and I can imagine more of them in my future. Tulis is a company in New Zealand, and Kerry bought some of her stock over here to tempt us. It worked.

While I was at the show, Kerry introduced me to the new range of threads she is stocking - WonderFil products. Oh, my goodness! I have never seen such wonderful colours in a collection. There are cottons, rayons, polyesters and some stunning fancy threads for bobbin work. I restrained myself (mostly because it was so difficult to decide) and bought a single spool - a gorgeous blue variegated thread (Fruitti colour FT23). You can see Kerry's range of threads here. Yum!


  1. Hi! Erica,

    Yummy fabrics and threads, think I will be purchasing some of these

  2. if the world suddenly starts rotating the wrong way and you decide that blue and green aren't your favourite colours anymore, you know where you can send those, don't you ?


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