26 April 2009

A garden is never finished

This pile of butchered vegetation is what remains of my white bouganvillea and potato vine. I have been growing them, intertwined, for the past eight years until they came crashing down on themselves during some strong winds we experienced this week.

I grew them against the back fence, so that they could provide some privacy for me (and my neighbours). I pruned them regularly so they didn't bevome too rampant, but just stayed lush and dense.

I have already filled my garden waste bin with chopped-up pieces and now have to wait two weeks until it is emptied and I can refill it. Since there's no where else for the vegetation to go in the meantime, it sits in an unattractive heap across two garden beds. At least it is down on the ground, and unaffected by the horrible north winds that have been blowing since Friday night.

We lost the footy last night because we played a dreadful game. There were few postives, except that there is always next week's game to look forward to!


  1. Squeaksqueal10:43 pm

    I think of you every time the Swans lose a game, or win for that matter. Played badly did we? I coudn't bear to watch the match, which I caught at quarter time.

  2. Do you compost? that is THE place the vegetation belongs and in 4 months you will have good stuff to add to your garden beds.


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