30 April 2009

Material Obsession Two

I snagged my copy of Material Obsession Two yesterday, hot out of the boxes of brand-new books. It's over 220 pages and is chock-a-block with fantastic basic information about how to make quilts. And did I mention that there are comprehensive instructions for 21 original quilt designs?

Written by my friends Kathy and Sarah, this is the sequel to Material Obsession, which was published last year in Australia. I'm so proud of them both - writing a book is a seriously intense process. In Material Obsession Two, there's even a quilt named after me - Erica's Honesty. How exciting!

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  1. Erica,

    Oh! You lucky devil, my sister gave me material Obsession One for my birthday last year, so I will have to drop a hint about this one too.


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