12 April 2009


There are welcome rabbits and unwelcome rabbits. This bunny box came to my house last night, along with its contents - yummy chocolate eggs. It is welcome and has such a cute face that I think I'll keep it around for a while, just because it makes me smile.

This morning, though, I saw a real rabbit hopping down the driveway next door. My first thought was that I hallucinating due to chocolate overeating but, on second glance I confirmed it was a real-life rabbit. This could explain some of the munching that has been going on in my vegetable garden! I so hope it was simply an indoor pet that got away for a few minutes, otherwise I'll have to fortify the veggie patch some more.


  1. Of course, if the live rabbit would don a blue ribbon or two like the other one, you might regard it more benevolently!

  2. Aha, the parsley thief! Hmm, keeping rabbits out in a bit of a challenge..


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