23 May 2009

Fresh air

All yesterday afternoon, I was keen to escape from the library into the fresh air. It's been raining, on and off, most of this week and the library was full of sniffling, sneezing and coughing people who were sharing their germs with the rest of us. Why don't sick people stay at home and out of public spaces?

Eventually I escaped into the outside air, which was damp and windy but not too cold. Lovely. Bracing and refreshing. Hopefully, all those germs were blown away and killed off.

This morning, in between some heavy rain periods, I ventured into my garden to see what damage falling pieces of gum tree had done. (I hate gum trees in suburbia. They do nothing except shed leaves every single day of the year, and small branches every second day. They have a habit of dropping branches for no apparent reason, so don't ever park your car under a gum tree!) While I was picking up the branches, I saw this, nestled at the base of the tree.

Aren't the colours of the fungi gorgous? I uprooted one and flipped it over to reveal this fantastic texture. Such lovely patterns and subtle colour variations.

It's started to rain quite heavily now, so I've raced inside to write this post. Who knows what interesting colours I'll find in the garden tomorrow?

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  1. Erica,

    Cant agree more about spreading germs, people should stay at home with colds and flu. The fungi in your garden is such a pretty colour.


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