02 May 2009

It's here!

Exactly seven days after I placed my order online with The Book Depository in the UK, this wonderful book was delivered to my door in Sydney. Brilliant service. Just as well really, because I have been panting with anticipation all week.

I was not let down. It's a brilliant book and has so many ideas to study. I want to start cutting up fabric right now, but need to slow down so that I can absorb what's on offer. Highly recommended.

The Eastwood Quilt show was very enjoyable. Many hand-quilted quilts and lots of glorious colour. There was even a postcard-sized quilt with the Sydney Swans logo! What more could a Swans-loving quilter like me want?

Vikki Pignatelli gave an interesting talk this afternoon about her quilts and the stories behind them. I often find that knowing the stories makes it more rewarding when I view the quilts, because I can then see deeper layers of meaning. Most enjoyable.

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  1. Erica,

    I have bought books from The Book Depository before and was amazed at how fast they get to us in OZ. Enjoy your mew book!

    I agree with you on knowing the background of quilts it's always interestin to know, must have been great to hear Vicki speak in person, lucky you.


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