11 May 2009


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about kindness. I interact with many people during my day-to-day work; some more frequently than others. It always astonishes me how often a very simple act of kindness - a welcoming smile, making idle chitchat, or opening a door for a person whose arms are full of parcels - can change a day or even a life.

Being kind to ourselves is important, too. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves; forcing ourselves to do things we really don't want to do. Be gentle on yourself, nurture yourself and we will all be richer. My wish for this week is that we all practise acts of kindness, not for recognition nor reward, but simply because it will enrich us all.


  1. You've got such a kind heart Erica, I'm sure you don't have to remind yourself of this too often :)

  2. Thank you for putting me back on the ground! I've been "buzzing" for days looking after others without making a connection!

    Thank you for being kind enough to show me that I need to feel again!

  3. Stephanie in Perth8:56 pm

    Ahh maple leaves, yes Erica thinking of you too. See you in Sydney

  4. You know, I know this - but it is soo good to be reminded again. My father's favourite saying was "the good things in life are free" and isnt kindness just one little act that is BIG in our hearts?

  5. Erica,

    I do so agree with your comments here.


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