20 May 2009

Lovely labels

When I started making my selvedge pincushions and some other small projects last year, I wanted to label them - to take ownership of my work. I wanted woven labels, so after checking out the businesses available on the net, I chose to buy these from Woven Labels Direct. Aren't they cute?

I've been very happy with these, but they are not inexpensive. Obviously, the more you order, the cheaper each label is, but I ordered the minimum in case I didn't like them. I will need to acquire some more labels soon, so it was very timely that I read this tutorial on Sandra's Pepperberry & Co blog. Sandra has explained, very clearly, how you can print your own iron-on labels. Thanks for the tutorial, Sandra. I suspect I may give this a go!


  1. Cute! and your pincusions are sweet too, good luck with them x

  2. Erica,

    I love your new labels and thanks for the link to the tutorial to do it yourself labels.


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