12 May 2009

Simple pleasures

As I write this post, I am distracted by the brown, dried-up leaves that are falling from trees in my garden. Yes, Stephanie, yesterday's photo is of your Japanese Maple tree, which has made its home in my garden. The sky has clouded over and it seems that autumn is well and truly here, with winter not too far away. Indeed, the shortest day of the year will occur next month!

Today is full of simple pleasures. Sewing with Deborah this morning (as well as drinking coffee and eating muffins straight out of the oven - yum), creating some degree of order in my garden this afternoon (long way to go yet). Now I'm about to start some hand quilting on my latest selvedge quilt and looking forward to the simple rhythms of the needle. Here's hoping that your day is as satisfying as mine.

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  1. Erica,

    It sound as if you had a lovely day filled with pleasures, I did too.


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