27 June 2009


Thanks for all your comments about my last post. At least I know I'm not just a grumpy old woman (although I am feeling like that today because I have a rotten head cold).

If you read Deborah's comment ("I have a suggestion for how to escape...let's go to London and Paris!"), you'll be pleased to know that she was serious and we ARE going to London and Paris! Best of all, we will be spending two days at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, where I am sure to be overstimulated. Bring it on...


  1. Can I caryy your bags :D

  2. Overstimulated? You think? I could hardly contain myself at Darling Harbour earlier this month, I think I'd better bring some valium - we might both need it.

  3. Can I come too? Oh wait - I am!! YAY!!! Well, just to Birmingham anyway, you luckies get to go on to Paris! :)


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