01 June 2009

Textile Arts Festival

That's where I've been - the inaugural Textile Arts Festival in Brisbane - and I'm still recovering from all the excitement. Hello to everyone who came to say hello while I was on the Unique Stitching stand, selling the most delectable hand-dyed yarn, some of which I just had to bring home with me. How wonderful is this 'Popcorn' knobbly wool, which just happens to be in my favourite colour?

My only other purchase were these gorgeous little felted balls. They are stitched with shisha mirrors and beads and I think they look like eyeballs. Aren't they cute (and slightly out of focus - sorry but I couldn't stop quivering with excitement).

I'm sure this Festival will be bigger and better next year, so start saving your money.

What an exciting time it is this month! Next Monday is the big launch of SEWN (more on that tomorrow) and then, on Wednesday 10 June, the Sydney Quilt Show opens (more on that later). Before then, I have my Slow Burners hand piecing class at Material Obsession on Saturday and plenty of crafty things on the go. I think I'll go and have a cup of tea to gather my energy!


  1. Erica,

    A lovely shade of blue in your yarn, and they do look like eyeballs.

  2. The textile festival was sooo good. There was so much yarn and goodies to choose from, but you did well with your purchases very nice. I too am looking forward to next year's show.

  3. They look like they are wobbling. Very cute.


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