24 June 2009

To escape

How to escape from the idiocy that makes people conflict with each other? I think my current sources of irritation include particular radio stations, television news programmes and certain parts of newspapers.

I'm annoyed with the constant stupid predictions by 'economic experts' - there are no such things. All these people offer are opinions and, frankly, most of those are less accurate than my own observations. Why does the media give them such credence?

I'm totally over people acting as victims. Some whole nations do this - they become used to violence and conflict as a way of life. Nothing will ever change as long as they hold onto their hurt and seek revenge.

I'm fed up with our media working themselves into a frenzy over totally trivial political issues. They need to get proper lives. Indeed, if I never hear a politician's voice again, I'll be a happy woman. Is it all a show or do they actually believe what they're spouting?

So I'm changing my radio station, I'm not watching the tv news, and I'm going to focus on the positive part of life. Small actions maybe, but I just can't absorb anymore of the world's angst.

Now I'm going to start by enjoying the latest copy of Quilting Arts magazine...


  1. Anonymous8:46 pm

    I think most of our so called journalists are bullies, who just latch onto a person in the public eye and keep applying pressure until they break or lose their job. Unfortunately, the journalists never lose their job!
    Judy B

  2. Amen to all that!

  3. Oh Erica, I am SO with you here. Thank you for speaking for so many of us.

  4. Erica, I have a suggestion for how to escape... lets go to London and Paris!

  5. Never a truer word has been spoken!

  6. Erica,

    Absolutely Amen to that! I really do think some in the media really believe all the rubbish they print, which i think is sad. I hate the tv news don't watch it if I can help it. Can I come to London and Paris with you and Deborah?

  7. Erica, I agree completely with your sentiments. Another thing I would like to escape from are programs that try to be "sensational" but forget about being entertaining.

  8. I am most fed up with the sick putting down of people they now call humor.

  9. I am most fed up with the sick putting down of people they now call humor.


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