11 July 2009

Australian quilt history

I have previously blogged about a recently-published book, The Fabric of Society. I was very pleased to catch up with the author, Annette Gero recently at the Sydney Quilt Show and to pass on my admiration for the scope of her book.

Imagine how thrilled I was to read an exclusive interview with Annette in the July issue of Down Under Quilts magazine. The interview is three pages, plus three of the quilts from the book (and their stories) are featured on following pages. Fascinating reading and highly recommended.


  1. I ordered the book and am waiting for it to arrive!
    so excited to be getting it!
    will have to find this magazine here in the USA as well I am a huge fan of hers and Kim McLeans quilts

  2. I just have to ask......after the previous article....could this one be in any way labelled "petit procrastination"

    Sorry it is so easy to recognise the symptoms when you have the disease.


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