17 July 2009

Look at me!

Well, not me exactly, but my quilt - on the cover of the August issue of Down Under Quilts. Doesn't it look great against those lovely lime green, yellow and white colours on the cover?

My quilt is called Sunshine on Roses and it is really simple to machine piece. I made it with yellow and pink fabrics that I've been collecting for years, but I think it would also look fabulous in my current colour obsession - lime green and blue. Mmmm...there's an idea!

I'm sure you'll be able to buy this in the shops very soon. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free digital subscription here.

Now I am working on my next quilt and, yes, it's lime green and blue!


  1. Gee Erica!

    I made something similar (huumm - yours is just so much better!! but close :) ). Pic on blog


    Yours has just so much more oomph! I had the lime green in hand and put it down again!

    Just thinking why - my 4 girls and my siblings and in-law -siblings are always telling me my colours are too bright!

    Think I might just as "go to hell" Give me zing!

    awesome Erica

  2. Anonymous9:17 am

    Congratulations. It looks fabulous!

  3. I love that color combo! What a treat to have one of your quilts on the front page of a magazine! Go you!


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