02 July 2009

Love those Prairie Points

Some years ago, a friend gave me this silk cushion cover she bought in Thailand. Not only is it in various shades of blue (my friends know me well!) but it is also decorated with rows of tiny Prairie Points. These little folds of multiple fabrics add lots of texture to the design. I love the way they face inwards. Most examples on quilts I have seen have the points facing away from the centre. Interesting design idea...


  1. You have very good friends erica. The cushion looks like the mouth of a blue crystal cavern

  2. Erica,

    What a lovely cushion, great friends you have.

  3. Anonymous7:15 pm

    I too adore those tiny prairie points. I once had a conical hat - quite small, say child-size, that I bought in Bali many moons ago... that was totally covered in rows and rows of them.
    I wish I still had it to share, but late last year decided it should 'move on'. After seeing your gorgeous cushion, I am regretting my rash decision!


  4. Anonymous7:17 pm

    And, just to set the reocrd straight, Erica, I dont mean to be anonymous, I just cant control that 'comment' section any other way... sigh... I need another blogging lesson... clearly!


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