14 July 2009

New silk paper book

Ooh, this book is scrumptious! Silk paper for textile artists by Sarah Lawrence is a very useful addition to my library. I've already incorporated my handmade silk paper in ATCs and a couple of journal quilts, but this book has opened my eyes to new ways to embellish it.
There is a very informative chapter about working with silk, where the different types of raw silk are explained and instructions are given for dyeing silk. Then there are four chapters on methods - the iron method, the medium method, the stitched method and weaving and overdyeing rods.
Lots to absorb and interesting ideas for future playing.
For Sue: The book is published in Australia by Sally Milner Publishing. ISBN is 9781863514125.


  1. Who's the publisher Erica & what is the ISBN please?

  2. I met Sarah Lawrence at a Perth Craft show last year and she is amazing. I love her Wild Women. This book look great too.


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