16 July 2009

Studio envy

Yesterday I visited Lisa and immediately started salivating over her new studio. (It's ok, I didn't leave any obvious drool marks on the beautiful timber floor.) Lisa has arranged to knock down a wall between two rooms and has totally refurbished the area. It is wonderful! Here are a couple of pictures of the new area.

The space was full of the most gorgeous fabrics and beads. Honestly, you haven't seen beads until you've seen Lisa's collection - it is container after container full of the most beautiful colours.!)

She and Peter were busy packing for the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Show next week, but the two of us escaped to a local Vietnamese restaurant for a yummy lunch after we folded a pile of hand-dyed fat quarters. Tough life, isn't it?

It started us thinking though - wouldn't it be fantastic to have Lisa teach workshops in her studio? Wouldn't you like to drool here too? Let Lisa know if you are interested in this because I know she'd love to show off her new space and share her skills at the same time! (and tell her I sent you - I might get allowed to fold fat quarters again!

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  1. OMG - you have really been there!? Oh I wish! I would love to be taught in that studio! Lisa gave us an extra lesson in Bendigo and I need more!!! Help me get ack there!


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