12 July 2009

Thanks Barry

It was a sad day at the footy yesterday as we all said thanks and goobye to Barry Hall. If you know anything about the Sydney Swans, you know the background story and if you don't, well you probably won't care.
Barry was a fantastic player for our team over the past seven years. Thanks for the memories Barry and good wishes for your future.
To make the day even sadder, we lost the game against Essendon. That probably means we won't play in the finals this year.
And it was seriously cold in the stands. Not a good day, really.


  1. Poor Erica!

    I was sad the Swans lost too! My footy tipping this week is looking really bad. No My boys aren't looking too good either. The Hawks Just aren't the same this year.


  2. I didn't know the background story, I did care ( only becuase you do!) but thanks to Wikipedia I now know. Sounds like he might have a little problem!

  3. My ex who now lives in your state was / is a life time following of South Melbourne/Sydney Swans. While married I went to the games that had seating. Never once saw them win a game and once I discovered that having a pie was not on his agenda I decided that if there were no footy traditions that I could enjoy I retreated to my novel...looking up when there was some action of note.
    Pity I did not sew back then. I could have looked a little more impressed. But I was excited when the swans won the premiership.
    Moi the non sports person.


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