30 August 2009

Be astonished

I have often longed to see one of Dale Chihuly's glass creations in real life, so imagine how astonished I was to be unexpectedly confronted by this amazing work in the foyer of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I had no idea that it was there.

I've taken photos from two different angles so I can remember how totally besotted I was with it. This is Rotunda Chandelier and it is a permanent fixture at the Museum.

Since all the exhibits I saw at the museum were immaculately presented, I wondered how Rotunda Chandelier was maintained. To my delight, I discovered this information on the Museum's website, where you can also see photos taken from more angles.

The V&A Museum has a fun page from which you can download desktop wallpaper showing details of some of his glass pieces. I can't choose which ones I like the best, so I might have to try them all!

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  1. I love his work too & remember the impact of this piece at the V&A.


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