23 August 2009


I have arrived in Paris, after spending two days at the Festival of Quilts. The Festival was fantastic and I will post about it once I return home. Then I might be able to show photos!

I am pecking away carefully on this keyboard because many of the keys are in different places to mine and there are different combinations that create very odd looking words. Just be aware that I am concentrating very hard and that poking out my tongue really helps!

So far, all I can say about Paris is that it is scruffy outside. Our hotel is quite nice and we are looking forward to exploring the city tomorrow. More later.

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  1. Yeh, that foreign country key board is something.... i have a password that is part numbers in caps.... like #^%$ and guess what? in foreign countries the numbers have different "caps" *&#% and for the life of me I had no idea of the symbols, as it was the numbers with the caps on that I would type... so not much email action that trip.... more time for the "sites".


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